2/13/2018 4:58:11 AM

Two homes were burned in separate blazes over the weekend in Port Elgin within a few hours of each other.

The first home on Elgin Street completely destroyed, keeping fire crews busy for several hours.

One of the tenants was at home when the fire started at the residence located on Elgin Street, but he managed to escape without any injuries.

Fire officials think that the fire started in the laundry room, and that at this time, it does not look suspicious.

A second blaze erupted just 6 hours later on Shantz Street.

Both mother and daughter are doing very well, with no injuries.

A natural gas fireplace is the presumed cause of the fire, however the investigation is ongoing. Thankfully, the family had working smoke alarms installed which allowed the 14-year-old girl who was home to escape the house uninjured.

Some of the family pets died in the fire, but firefighters were able to revive a dog and rescue a cat. The dog is now being looked after at the University of Guelph veterinary department.


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