6/13/2018 8:12:43 AM

With high temperatures and a lack of rain, the Town of Saugeen Shores is implementing a temporary watering ban. That includes using water for your lawn or garden, pool filling, and other water usage outside the home. This restriction lets the town impose a temporary total ban, where deemed absolutely necessary. At this time due to extreme water use, they are unable to keep the necessary level of treated drinking water in the reservoir. Water usage for the Town is approaching higher levels that are usually not seen until at least August. It has been verified that a large portion (over 40%) is being used for lawn watering or other outdoor uses. Pool filling will be allowed when a permit is issued by the Town. This permit will restrict and regulate the days and times in which the pool can be filled. This helps the reservoir to maintain a good water level. Residents connected to private watering systems will not be affected. The permit costs $106.12 plus the cost of the water. The permit can be obtained by calling 519-832-2008 ext. 130.    

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