7/4/2018 8:41:39 AM

New impaired driving laws have kicked in across the province. The main changes impact young and novice drivers of any age along with commerical vehicle operators. Acting Sergeant Kevin Martin with the South Bruce OPP says most people know you can't drink and drive, but as of July 1st if police suspect you have been smoking weed, there's more strict regulations in place.

    Martin says with cannabis legalization set for this fall it will make things a little tricky for officers. Right now he says they use field sobriety tests and drug recognition officers to determine if drivers are impaired by either alcohol or drugs. Martin says the changes in regulations surrounding impaired driving are to try and deter people from operating a vehicle while under the influence.

    Under the new law if an officer is satisfied that you are to use cannabis for medical reasons you will not be subjected to Ontario's zero tolerance drug requirements. It is however your responsibility to ensure you're not impaired by cannabis or any other prescribed drug when driving. Martin emphasizes the risks and dangers associated with impaired driving.


If police determine you are impaired by cannabis or anything else you will immediately loose your license for 24 hours and will be required to use an interlock device for at least 6 months. The Government of Canada has proposed legislation around Oral Fluid Screening Devices that would allow officers to demand a sample if necessary. These devices however would need to be approved before they are implemented. As of July 1st there are more strict regulations in place for young, novice and commercial drivers when it comes to impaired driving to deter impaired drivers on roads in Ontario.

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