7/5/2018 7:12:15 AM

Some good and bad news for the fire department out of last night's council meeting. In the year 2020, the province will be enforcing some new rules on how fire departments are run. More people will need higher levels of firefighter certification. Kincardine fire chief, Kent Padfield, felt with the current turnover rate with some of his captains retiring, now would be a good time to implement the changes that will be needed in the future. However, council voted against his recommendation, saying there would be too much animosity if they were to go ahead with the plan at this time. Padfield says he's surprised, but respects their decision.

Council did end up approving a firefighter auxilory program. This would allow them to offer extra training for potential candidates who haven't been hired, so the next time a position is available, there would be more worthy applicants.

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