7/5/2018 9:22:16 AM

The streets of Kincardine will be packed with weekend as the Scottish Festival and highland games are going on. The festival provides a significant economic impact to the community by bringing in thousands of people from North America to Kincardine. Scottish Festival President Tony Doherty is encouraging everyone to come out and celebrate the Scottish roots of the community.

    The festival kicks off tomorrow and will run through Sunday with competitions, music and cultural workshops. Doherty says Finger 11 is the band most people are looking forward to seeing.


Doherty says this year the highland games will be broadcast on a digital screen for everyone to see.   

    The festival looks to preserve, enhance and celebrate Kincardine's Scottish roots. Enjoy three days and nights of exciting competitions, workshops and small town hospitality with lively music and Finger 11 to headline the event.    

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