7/9/2018 7:50:59 AM

The lack of rain and the hot and dry conditions have prompted fire chiefs in Huron County to declared an open-air fire ban. The ban applies to agricultural burns, brush pile burn, recreational fires, burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces or any other open-air fire, even to those properties have a permit. The only exception is cooking fires within approved campgrounds between the hours of noon and midnight.
Fines will be issued to anyone who violates the ban. Fire departments are urging anyone that sees a fire in the open to report it immediately. Tips to prevent grass and brush fires include: being careful with cigarettes and ensuring they are properly extinguished, take care when refueling equipment, keep barbecues and propane takes at least three metres from buildings. Also keep wood piles a safe distance away from homes, prune trees to create a vertical separation, and clear out and dry or dead grass, leaves, tree limbs, and debris from your property.

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