7/10/2018 6:42:27 AM

Saugeen Shore's city council is working towards fixing up downtown Southampton through a multi-phase plan. BIA in the town has some concerns they would like to see addressed before final decisions are made. Spokesperson for the Southampton BIA, Melanie Myers, says there are three improvements to council's curb extension projects they would like to see.

    The suggestions include using interlocking brick instead of asphalt, replacing the sidewalk in front of CIBC, and add some illuminated Bollards at the curb extensions. These recomendations are just for Phase 1. BIA is also looking ahead to continued collaboration on Phase 2 and Phase 3. They say these areas should include budget dollars designated to sidewalk replacement. She adds their intention is to represent the BIA business membership, and to maintain, highlight and add to the beauty of Southampton's unique downtown.    

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