7/11/2018 7:21:10 AM

Residents in Saugeen Shores are being asked to stay away from roped off areas while electrofishing takes place this week. As a part of the Island Street storm sewer improvement project the town has brought in consultants to document habitat conditions in the area. Electrofishing is a common survey method used to sample fish populations. This method uses electricity in the water to attract fish towards the equipment where they can be captured and surveyed. Fish are not permanently harmed and returned to their natural state after being caught. Public access to the water will be restricted for about 2 hours while the electrofishing equipment is being used. Consultants will be on site to review and document conditions in the area including visual assessments of plants and ecological areas. The consultant is currently working through phase 2 of the project to determine if the town requires alternatives to proceed with making improvements to the storm sewer outlet.

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