7/11/2018 10:49:21 AM

Soon, the YMCA of Western Ontario will merge to join the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario and become one big organization that runs all of the YMCA sports and activity clubs from Sarnia to Woodstock. Interim CEO of YMCA Southwestern Ontario, Kathi Lomas-McGee says that this merger will make the Y organization stronger than before

    McGee says that the objective of the amalgamation is to provide better services in the communities they serve, and foster more teamwork within their organization. She adds that they believe that this will promote stronger leadership, focus more on community services and give them a stronger position to support local charities and non-profits. No job losses are coming with the merger, but McGee adds that long-term, a merger could present efficiencies within the YMCA The merger takes affect on November 1st.

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