7/11/2018 5:41:27 PM

A study published by Western University suggests they may have a cure to hallway medicine, the practice of putting patients on hold in hospital hallways because there aren't enough beds availalble to the hospital.

Professor David Stanford authored the report along with some of his former PhD students and says that the current administrative approach isn't working.


The current system categorizes patients who come in based on their level of illness but doesn't take into account how long they have been in the hospital for.

The current system treats the most severe level one resuscitation patients first, and the level five, non-urgent patients last. But what has happened is that the backlog of too many non urgent patients means they left waiting in hospitals hallways

Stanford says that this study builds on the current administrative system


Basically what it outlines is a point system that awards triaged patients between levels 3 to 5 points based on how long they have been in the hospital for, and how severe the illness is.

Stanford said that he has reached out to other doctors across the country, and plans to reach out to Doug Ford's provincial government as well.

He says that above all else, if the math that was presented in his study were to be implemented, then more money needs to invested into provincial healthcare.

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