8/7/2018 9:15:52 AM

Kincardine has launched a new website, as well as social media accounts. Kincardine's new community development officer is already making strides in the town. Jenna Ujiye says Kincardine hasn't had someone to fill this role for a while, so there was a lot to get started on. She says they have new social media accounts to help get the word out about the community.

    She says with the new hustle and bustle Kincardine's been experiencing, she's excited new and old residents will be able to learn about what our town has to offer. Their website is You can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram under Kincardine - Naturally Enterprising. You can check these pages out to learn more about development opportunites in Kincardine as well as learn more about the town.    

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