8/9/2018 8:22:19 AM

Just because the Ontario government says a buck a beer doesn't mean that it's actually going to happen. Micheal Hueftlein the President of Grey Matter, the local craft brewery in Kincardine, says there's no way breweries could sell their beer at that price. He adds it costs more than a dollar to make the beer especially considering recent tariffs put in place on aluminum.

    Hueftlein says even if the Beer Store and LCBO sell beer at a dollar a piece he doesn't think it will effect business because people who drink craft beer drink it for its taste.

    Hueftlien says with the aluminum tariffs in place it's driving up the cost of each can by around 4 cents. He says right now they are eating the cost and not passing it on to consumers but if the tariffs remain in place the cost per can might actually go up.

    Hueftlien isn't concerned if the bigger breweries can put out cheaper beer because he knows the local craft brews are better. He says right now they are working on a Caramelized Peach Blonde Ale and have an Octoberfest beer in the works for the end of September.    

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