9/10/2018 7:19:54 AM

Affordable housing is a growing problem in Bruce County, and the homelessness rates seem to prove that.
Grey and Bruce counties conducted a survey to learn the statistics of who is homeless in our community, and how to potentially solve that.
The study was conducted in April, and at the hub sites in Bruce County, they confirmed 17 people were homeless, and 11 of those participated in the survey.
Coordinator of the enumeration, and PHD candidate, Hart Walker, says the sample size is quite small, but it is a starting point

He revealed the stats that the survey did find.
Most of the individuals were residing in motels, most were youth under 31 years of age, 2 thirds were Caucasian, and most cited mental health as a leading cause.
Walker says testing in rural areas is more difficult that urban, so finding the actual number of homeless people in Bruce County is something to be worked on.

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