9/10/2018 3:28:20 PM

A monument in Kincardine has been called into question by a resident.
Jeroen (Yuh-Roon) Thompson brought forth a motion to council to have the monument dedicated to Doctor Solomon Secord removed from the front of the Kincardine Library.
Secord served as a doctor in the Civil War, and Thompson is worried about honouring someone who could be called a confederate.

Members of council did not agree with Thompson's request, saying that he served Kincardine well, and his friends who created the monument chose their words carefully for the inscription.
This memorial is the only monument in Canada erected in memory of a veteran of the American Civil War.
The inscription reads as followed:
To Solomon Secord, 1834-1910. Our family physician for fifty years. This memorial was erected by his loving friends. Served as a surgeon with Southern Army during American Civil War. All that lived he loved, and without regard for fee or reward he did his work for love of his work and for love of his fellows.         

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