10/5/2018 10:09:26 AM

The Southern Bruce natural gas project is moving forward. EPCOR has filed applications for the final regulatory approval needed from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).
EPCOR seeks approval to construct the natural gas distribution system and to establish rates for Southern Bruce consumers.
The province introduced new legislation to facilitate natural gas expansion on September 20th.
If Bill 32 is passed, it will provide the tools for the provincial government to enable the private sector, working with local communities, to expand natural gas infrastructure.
With major equipment and preconstruction activities planned for this fall, the province needs to act as quickly as possible to achieve the goal of the natural gas expansion in a way that will not affect taxpayers.
Kincardine mayor, Anne Eadie, says it is critical that the Province continue to move swiftly, so EPCOR can begin to lay pipe as soon as possible.    

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