10/10/2018 10:54:02 AM

The Municipality of Central Huron is doing internet and telephone voting for the upcoming election. But before you can vote you have to know who is running.
Mayor Jim Ginn has been acclaimed so you don't have to worry about voting for a Mayor. Incumbent Deputy Mayor Dave Jewitt is running against Jared Petteplace for the seat.
In the East Ward all current councilors: Marg Anderson, Dan Colquhoun (Coke-lynn) and Alex Westerhout are all seeking re-election, and joining them in the race is Jeff Scholl.
The Central Huron West Ward will have at least one new member as Burkhard Metzger is no longer running. Incumbents Alison Lobb and Adam Robinson are seeking re-election. Joining in the race is Mike Belford, Michael Russo.
Voting starts on October 11th at 9 AM and runs until October 22nd at 8 PM.    

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