10/10/2018 10:53:03 AM

The Municipality of Bluewater is doing internet and telephone voting for the upcoming election. But before you can vote you have to know who is running.
If you live in Hay East, Bayfield or Zurich you don't have to vote for a councilor. Current Hay East councilor John Becker and Bayfield councilor Bill Whetstone have been acclaimed, as has newcomer Shawn LaPorte who won the Zurich Ward nomination.
Mayoral candidates included incumbent Mayor Tyler Hessel who is facing competition from Paul Klopp. Deputy Mayor Jim Ferguson is also seeking re-election and will take on Bill Dowson on the ballot.
Stanley East will have a new councilor as Dave Roy isn't running, your choices are Peter Walden and Bob Montgomery.
In Stanley West, you can choose current councilor George Irvin or newcomer Taylor Van Aaken
And in Hensall incumbent Marnie Hill seeks re-election against Scott Harris.
Voting starts on October 11th at 9 AM and runs until October 22nd at 8 PM.

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