11/6/2018 10:36:53 AM

Movember started out as a joke between a couple friends in Australia to see who could grow the best or worst moustache for the month of November, and the winner had to throw a party at the end.
It wasn't until the following year the same group of friends decided to add the movement to it, and from there in 2003, the mammoth that has become Movember was born.
Mitch Hermansen from the Movember Foundation spoke of the evolution of the cause, from focusing just on prostate cancer at the start, to covering a wide array of men's health topics now.

Since the movement came to Canada in 2007, over 1.2 million Canadians have participated, and over $210 million has been raised which goes towards hospitals, mental health initiatives, and other areas and programs which support men's health.

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